Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Urban Nest at Undri Pune – Where Convenience and Lifestyle Meets

Can there be any home that can give you the feeling of living in heaven? Yes, there of course is a place though it sounds unreal and that’s Urban Nest Undri Pune. Located in one of the posh locations of Pune, Urban Nest by VTP Group has been winning the hearts of many. There cannot be a better place than this as it offers luxury and lifestyle coupled with convenience that people generally miss when they live in a home. The phrase “There can’t be a better place than home” comes to real when we talk about Urban Nest Undri Pune. What a comfortable stay has been accomplished by the VTP Group.

Urban Nest Undri Pune
Urban Nest Undri Pune

I have talked to many people before writing this blog and I got the same answer that there is no dearth of premium home that defines lifestyle but there lacks convenience with which people don’t want to compromise. Moreover the money one has to spend on buying a home in such location can give a hard time to anyone. Well to shatter this fear in one’s mind, Urban Nest by VTP Group has been brought to the sight. Here, affordability has been considered to help many realize dream of owning a home that speaks their lifestyle. Life is easy with this residency as amenities that have been provided are impeccable. Not just the amenities, one can’t ignore the connectivity it has with rest of the Pune.

VTP Group wanted to accommodate 6 buildings in a huge area of 9 acres which looks stunning after the realization. There can be no short cut to success and yes the builders have worked day in and day out to build this gorgeous residency. Urban Nest Undri Pune is the latest buzz that is awakening the people who had been hibernating because they never thought that a premium home with all the modern amenities could come in such cost effective budget.

When we talk of a residency, how can we forget the facilities that come with it? Here in Urban Nest by VTP Group, amenities of world class is offered for the luxury and comfort of the people. From swimming pool to society halls, from children’s park to indoor stadiums, from sprawling lawn to library, Urban Nest Undri Pune is flooded with all that is required for an immensely comfortable living. I wouldn’t want to leave my home any day, trust me. It is once in a lifetime opportunity, either grab it or let it go. Flats have been customized to your need from 1.5 BHK to 2 BHK to 3 BHK. Each size can cater to the need of bachelors and big families too. Urban Nest by VTP Group is also built to help the connectivity be better. Most of the locations around Pune, mostly the places which are frequently visited by people are at close proximity. That makes it convenient, doesn’t it? So what are you waiting for? To make it even easier for you, let me tell you that the flats are for grab from Rs 31.37 Lacs to Rs 62.33 Lacs.

Take the first step towards making your dream come true. Happy living.

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