Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Sky Heights Pune – The Perfect Choice for the Luxury Seeking Home Seekers

It is not certainly an easy task to find a perfect sweet home. After all, not every day does one buys homes. For many, it is an achievement of lifetime, and so, it becomes very much essential to carefully consider several aspects of a home before finalizing to buy. However, the Sky Heights Pune makes it easier to come to a conclusion within a relatively short span of time. In fact, all the desirable elements of buying new home are all in place. Be it the architectural grandeur, interior & exterior design, quality of construction, planning of premises, or any other things concerning the project; everything appears to be perfect, and the home seekers do not need to waste much time in pondering over whether to finalize an apartment here or not. 

Sky Heights Pune
The highly experienced real estate professionals at the renowned LUSHlife Developers & Trimurti have earned the reputation of constructing sumptuous residential as well as commercial projects. In and around Pune, they are highly revered by the real estate enthusiasts, home seekers, stakeholders, and all those that are interested in real estate properties. The present creation, the Sky Heights Pisoli is also a perfect embodiment of the expertise, experience, futuristic vision, and the innovation of the experts at LUSHlife Develpoers & Trimurti. Truly speaking, the Sky Heights Pune has become the hot subject of discussion in the real estate circles in the Pune region.

Following the ultramodern trends of design and developing the residential projects, the experts at the LUSHlife Developers appear to have invested their experience and expertise. Known for including the lavish amenities, the real estate professionals have duly embellished this project with immensely opulent amenities. For the people looking for an ultramodern lifestyle, the amenities such as the swimming pool, yoga lawn, gymnasium children play park, Barbecue space, gazebo, fire fighting system, rain water harvesting system, indoor games, sewage treatment plant, RO drinking water for every apartment, club house, basketball court, intercom facility, automatic elevators, and the landscaped gardens etc would surely play a vital role in escalating the luxury of life to far greater heights.

Besides construction supreme quality buildings, the real estate developers at the well known LUSHlife Developers are also very much acclaimed for making perfect choice of the location. The location plays a very important role in escalating or de-escalating the luxury of the projects, and the experts here spend a great amount of time in considering whether a particular location is perfect for a residential project. And, the location of the Sky Heights Pisoli is perfect from all the aspects. Located in a strategic location amidst the peaceful surroundings of the posh area in Pune, the Sky Heights Pune enhances the luxury of living to a greater height. 

Offering 2 BHK luxurious apartments with the sizes ranging between 1113 sq ft to 1140 sq ft, the Sky Heights Pisoli provides suitable choices for the home buyers with varying choices and requirements. Encompassing a land area of about 4 acres, its premises also plays important role in enhancing the quality of life and living standard. 

Monday, 30 May 2016

Kalpataru Eden by Kalpataru Group – An Ultimate Choice of Home Seekers

Kalpataru Eden by the highly acclaimed Kalpataru Group has gained immense popularity in the real estate industry. If you are exhausted of searching for residential projects in and around the city of Pune, you would surely feel sorry for having wasted much time and energy when the Kalpataru Eden Baner already waited for your advent. Yes, the newly launching project, the much talked about the Kalpataru Eden by the highly experienced real estate experts at the renowned Kalpataru Group has become the latest buzz in the real estate industry in and around Pune. For the home seekers, it is, indeed, an unavoidable project.

Spread across the large land area of about 9.34 acres and embracing a total number of 586 apartments in 8 buildings with 21 stories each, the well known Kalpataru Eden Baner Pune has become the talk of the town since the spread of the news of its inception. With the sizes of the apartments varying between 1138 sq ft and 1181 sq ft, it offers commendable choices for the people looking for sweet homes with varying needs and desires.

Offering 3 BHK highly luxurious and spacious apartments, the Kalpataru Eden Pune is, indeed, a heaven on earth embellished with highly sophisticated amenities. Whether it is the indoor games facilities, gymnasium, security provisions, fitness regimes, swimming pools, landscaped gardens, power backup, or any other highly opulent amenities playing vital role in escalating the luxury of living; all are there in the campus of the Kalpataru Eden.

With a great number of residential as well as commercial project under their name, the experts at the reputed Kalpataru Group always excelled in creating all types of real estate properties. With their commitment, professionalism, and innovative ideas, they have always won the minds and hearts of the home seekers as well as the real estate enthusiasts, and the present creation the Kalpataru Eden by Kalpataru Group is undoubtedly no less than a heaven on earth.

Apart from creating highly elegant and supreme quality projects, the experts at the Kalpataru Group are also very much acclaimed for choosing the strategic locations for their projects. The present project is located in such a locale in the Baner Pune that the residents here can move around every part of the city of Pune without facing any significant inconveniences. Also, the Mumbai-Pune Expressway is nearby and the people here can move to Mumbai and other desired destinations without any inconveniences.

Saturday, 28 May 2016

The Chambers Viman Nagar Pune – Perfect Commercial Complex for the Aspirant Businessmen

Finding the perfect office and commercial place for your business is essential part of making sure that your business can expand thoroughly. The location, the office altogether can actually make a lot of difference in the number of clients you can get. The impression that your clients have of you, first comes from your office and hence choosing the right office is very important. The Chambers Viman Nagar Pune is a perfect example of such property in which you can invest being a budding businessman. The project has some very fine offices to choose from and the location in particular is perfect for thriving business being one of the major commercial areas of Pune. The Chambers by Panchshil Reality can be among your top choices by the virtue of its quality if you are in search of offices and shops in the heart of Pune.

The Chambers

The Chambers Pune has notable height of 8 storeys which is just right for such commercial projects. There are office blocks within the building and the building is built over a project area of 2 acres. The size of the offices within the building is such that one can easily find enough provision for setting up a small scale business easily. The Chambers Viman Nagar Pune is a newly launched project and owing to its location the properties within the building is selling out fast. It is particularly in high demand since the location is in close proximity to the various important landmark and commercial zones of Pune. The buyers need to book their project of choice at the earliest to ensure that they get the one they choose easily.

Apart from being a project with very attractive specifications, The has a number of other provisions which are essential in addition to the office block itself. There are abundant parking options in and around The Chambers by Panchshil Realty in Viman Nagar PuneThere are also security measures like fire exits and proper ventilation of the building and also security guards appointed to ensure the overall safety of the building. It is in high demand and hence the project is thoroughly equipped to meet the needs of the prospective buyers. There are elevators and the perfect modern design that is possible for such projects.

The impressive look of the project is equally important to help you to draw clients and Office Space in The Chambers Pune is thoroughly equipped in this particular factor. One can get all kinds of benefits like that of the elevator and ventilation for central air conditioning within the building.  The project is newly launches and you can easily book the project through the builders. To get the best office, ensure that you pay in advance and book accordingly

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Siddhashila Eela Punawale Pune-Injure Modern Living In The Harmony Of Nature

Your home is your personal space where you relax and rejuvenate to face the world with greater energy. It is the place where your soul can be free, a place to be just yourself. Siddhashila Eela is just the place to help you lead a delightful life that will inspire you to go on and face every difficulty of life in the best possible manner. Eela offers beautifully designed luxury living spaces which cover an area of 27,600 sq.m with 4 intelligently designed towers housing 118 opulent apartments. Each unit can be easily considered as a benchmark of luxury living with unparalleled splendor.

The premise of Siddhashila Eela Punawale is extremely pleasant with generous amount of greenery added together with all types of modern trappings that create a very enjoyable setting. The residential has been provided with separate points for entry and exit to ensure smooth passage of vehicles. An additional advantage is the availability of resting rooms for drivers and other support staff in every building. A podium laced with all types of amenities and designed to create a very impressive visual effect has been created. One can be peacefully relaxed once they are here with their family and easily enjoy the place which has been created keeping in harmony with the nature.

There is plenty of space available to allow children to run, cycle, play or skate. They can very easily enjoy a dip in the pool as well as play a game of tennis whenever they want to. If you are a fitness enthusiast, you can always practice aerobics in the designated aerobics area. There is fully equipped gym to allow you work out at your available time and be fit and energetic at all times. Elders can also enjoy their time with their morning and evening rambles or indulging in chitchat with their friends in the soothingly beautiful lush green surroundings.

Siddhashila Eela Punawale Pune is close to Hinjawadi IT Park and hubs like Tathawade, Balewadi, Aundh, Wakad, Ashok Nagar and Koyte Wasti which is the most advantageous feature. So it becomes one of the best places to live and work. The 1, 2 and 3 BHK apartments at Eela help you to see the bright side of life with their thoughtful yet luxurious interiors. The calmness and the peaceful serenity of this place open the world of positivity in the lives of its inhabitants.


Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Inspiria Nigdi Pune - Buy Commercial Office and Shop Spaces at Very Affordable Rates

Offering quality options to the business owners is the Inspiria by Eklavya Builders which is a very awe-inspiring landmark which has been equipped with all types of amenities needed to make a business successful. Located at the Old Mumbai-Pune Highway, this commercial hub has been developed to provide quality space for office and retail stores. If you are looking for a good place to open your office or a new branch of your retail chain, you can definitely consider Inspiria. It is visually impressive and is complete with high quality accessories. Inspiria Nigdi Pune will ensure you can kick start your business and get positive attention of your customers.

A sophisticated office or retail space is important for your business as Offices in Nigdi will represent the state of affairs of your business. So, it is your opportunity to grab superfine office or retail space and take your business to the next level. The glass façade and composite aluminium panels give Inspiria Nigdi a very modern look and can be easily considered as an architectural marvel. The glass fronted building is extremely attractive and gives a feeling of spaciousness. The outdoors is covered with different types of ornamental plants and landscaped patches creating beautiful setting for this majestic building. 

One can find Inspiria Nigdi Pune apt for business not only because it is visually very pleasing but also for every type of support that is made available. You can have well equipped Office &Retail spaces which have been provided with stylish wall and floor décor. There are glass doors and windows at all Shops in Inspiria Nigdi Pune and retail spaces face the front road. This means if anyone passes by the building will be able to see your shop or office. There is provision for Wifi connectivity and basic facilities like water cooler and washrooms are made available at each and every floor. There are top of the line elevators installed to help visitors as well as employees to move across the various floors easily. You can also make use of escalators which have been provided for additional ease.

Overall it forms a great picture which suits the modern sophisticated tastes of the present day business class as well as their patrons who want to indulge in the very best. With well-equipped offices in Nigdi Pune all you need to do is put your own creativity and design your retail or office space according to your brand identity. This will enable your patrons to find you in the midst of other businesses. You will find an efficient team of housekeeping as well as maintenance persons who will help you to overcome issues, should you face any. Being one of the fanciest looking commercial hubs in the city, it is only expected that Shops in Nigdi will attract more and more people.

Because of its unique charm Inspiria Pune is all set to become the most happening commercial hub where everyone will find something to indulge in. With host of services like restaurants, exotic suburbs, top fashion Brands, multi Retail Stores, multiplexes businesses will flourish and make unprecedented profit. Opening an office there will add value to your brand.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Mantra Residency by Mantra Properties - New Residential Project in Nighoje Pune

Let’s talk about “Future Today”. How we buy property is evolving along with the technological progression of the society. Although physical inspection of the property is still a norm of home buying procedure, virtual tours are already introduced on websites. As they say, “Change is the only permanent thing in the world”. Here I am, all ready to tell all you home buyers about a Futuristic classy residential property that may become your Future Home. Mantra Residency by Mantra Properties, a 1 and 2 bedroom apartment scheme has been launched by Mantra Properties. As our lives are changing we must change our lifestyle as well. A brand new modern lifestyle needs that kind of modern surrounding. Up gradation do need elevation. Mantra Residency Nighoje gives you that modern environment to elevate one step ahead.

There are three factors that will affect lives as well as our health in future. Work Load, Stress and Tension. I am not here to distress you, I am writing to give you solution, as I always believe in solution oriented approach. We all can sense the presence of these three things and the health issues that may arise in future because of them. Start working on it right away. Home is the best stress relieving place in the world. Believe me this is not true in few cases. Consider a calm and quite home located far away from the city, at Mantra Residency Pune you may feel it will be the best place to relax after long stressful day. You are correct, but have you ever thought about the additional stress of driving added to the everyday routine and also an additional hour on steering wheel! Not at all advisable. Connectivity is equally important. 

Thing about a home centrally located, right in the middle of all your everyday needs. Living in between cement jungle will further increase the stress level. I do have an answer! Your new home tranquil and connected. Apartments in Nighoje Pune are getting popular these days because of this special feature. Stay at such a distance that is not too far to drive and not too close to the Horney roads. Mantra Residency Nighoje Pune is a perfect future home, conveniently located at a smart distance from the city.

Nighoje is close to Chakan MIDC area and Mhalunge village is near the area, it lies in Pimpri Chinchwad PCMC area. Most of the people prefer to buy flats in Nighoje as the current rate in the area is quite affordable. Be it for self-use or for investment purpose, in any case you are going to enjoy the profit in the future. Mantra Residency by Mantra Properties is the newly launched residential venture offering 1 and 2 BHK flats ranging between 515 sq. ft. and 756 sq. ft. The best amenities surrounding the apartments is all built to enrich your living experience and enhance your lifestyle further.  

Wednesday, 18 May 2016

CODENAME SMASH HIT Truly the Smashing Project by Neptune Group at Perfect Location of Mumbai at Bhandup West.

What’s The Difference in Residential and Commercial Property investment?

The Difference! It probably does not exist….

Managing a property portfolio is an art as well as a science. Connecting with current data is the scientific side of the story and building a perfect property portfolio is an artistic outcome.

Don’t worry I am not going to touch any of those ancient conversations regarding residential v/s commercial debate.

The gap that I am talking about is regarding the attitude.

It exists there as the real estate client is still in early days of adaption.

Actually it’s not at all a bad thing.

Investor has every right to think about his/her investment.

“Adapting for Success” is a right strategy, I will say.

Gradually the Indian real estate world is experiencing a shift in the mind-sets. Mumbai as always is leading the front.  Mumbai continues to remain India’s hot-spot destination for commercial space investment. But as we all know, in Mumbai, residential spaces are also on high demand. The reason why I think....the difference does not exist!

The unmet demand for commercial spaces in Mumbai is addressed by Codename Smash Hit. Mumbai also known as financial capital of India is one of the best places to invest in commercial spaces.

However, too many options also give headache to many enthusiastic investors – Looking at Mumbai’s vast and complex map, locating a perfect low-risk / high returns location is a challenge. Obviously, the search for successful office space investment in Mumbai largely depends on market knowledge. Codename Smash Hit By Neptune Group offers an extremely rear and short-term opportunity to own a luxury office suits available in various size options at the most thriving business street, LBS Marg in Mumbai. Decorate your property portfolio with a smart-sized office space amidst luxury 5-star business amenities, all this at rock bottom price! A commercial property at an initial investment same as that of residential one! See the gap is already reducing.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mantra Parkview Dhayari Pune offers Affordable Luxury Homes

Located in Dhayari, one of the upcoming suburbs of Pune, Mantra Parkview Dhayari Pune is a wonderful opportunity for the prospective buyers to look for thoughtfully designed luxurious apartments available in 1, 1.5 and 2 BHK apartments. These homes are created with utmost care ensuring that highest standards of urban living are met. Each and every apartment is complete with superfine accessories and fine finish which adds to both aesthetic value as well as utility to the apartments.

The entire project is developed on a vast stretch of land that expands over an area of 3 acres with generous addition of greenery. The open spaces have been covered with mind blowing landscaping with a variety of trees covering the entire expanse. This residential has full range of amenities developed to ensure that the dwellers find everything of use as well as of pleasure within its confines.
There are 300 units available that have been divided into two buildings each with 12 stories. One can avail flats ranging in the area of 635 square feet to 1222 square feet which are designed both for individuals as well as nuclear families. These apartments have been priced quite reasonably and complete transparency is being maintained so that customers get what they are promised.
The locality of Mantra Parkview by Mantra Properties is quite conducive to living as it is pollution free and has pleasant surroundings. A few years back also Dhayari was just a small village but now it is fast developing into most favored destination for family living. This place is in close proximity to the national highway which makes it quite a desirable place to not only live but also develop a variety of businesses.

A lot of investment has been flowing in and one can now find shopping complexes, hospitals, schools and a variety of other social amenities coming up. One can easily live here and get connected to rest of the city as the place is well connected with roads and the availability of public transport is also quite good. So, you can easily reach the various important junctions of the city easily.

This residential is being designed by a group of well-known designers who have to their credit several architectural marvels that stand proudly in the city. Therefore, you can be sure that the entire residential is designed to please your eyes. Not only the apartments have been created to impress the tasteful population but care has been taken that every type of useful amenity is made available.
Each and every apartment is spacious and airy as the units have been carefully created to ensure that there is proper ventilation and every bit of space is utilized to provide convenience to the dwellers. One can find enough storage space as these have been designed to allow inhabitants accommodate their world conveniently. The layout of the apartments is such that one does not feel congested. The approach is to offer clutter free living which helps the inhabitants lead a stress free life.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Sobha Orion Pune Offers home that Redefine Luxury

Sobha Orion is here to offer you the best possible luxury home solution which is rated as one of the top residential projects that have come up in the city of Pune. Built with the latest technology, this specimen of modern architecture is a clear winner when it comes to high standard living. The homes and amenities here, standouts with their super fine finish, quality fittings and the best amenities.

Urban dwellers looking for top-of- the- line lifestyle can expect their dreams to come true at Sobha Orion NIBM Road Pune. A home with Sobha developers means safe investment. In their 18 years of successful real estate development, the company has been able to build trust and create a line of satisfied customers who can vouch its quality of work and customer service. The 14 storeyed building which houses the 1 and 2 BHK flats are laced with all possible luxuries which a classy and modern home can offer. The backward integrated model creates an ambiance for sophisticated living which is worth appreciating.

The project sprawls over an area of 7.5 acres and offers the best amenities that can be available in a residential complex. Undoubtedly, this makes life comfortable and easy and worth enjoying every moment. The interiors are spacious with the best quality flooring separately selected for every area, fine finished walls, designer ceiling and accessories and fittings have been added to bring more charm and elegance to every corner of the house.

Located at Kondhwa it is well positioned surrounded by the beautiful Sayahadris and the magnificent Shinde Chatri. If you are trying to make a new beginning, here is the place to allow you to do the same in style. You can find this residential surrounded by robust civic amenities and top rated schools, colleges, eating hubs, shopping malls and multiplexes. Kondhwa being one of the most happening localities of Pune has everything to offer and here at Sobha Orion NIBM Road you can definitely give your life a kick start.

Amenities such as jogging park, yoga meditation hall, Jacuzzi and sauna have been added to help you unwind. You can play games at the fully equipped gaming arena or even enjoy table games if you wish. Read a book in the library or just take a relaxing swim- there are many ways to relax at Sobha Orion.

Sobha Orion Pune supports sustainability and has rainwater harvesting system, sewage treatment plant, organic waste converter and large open spaces. These features have been integrated keeping future in mind. The serenity and calm of this place will caress your tired mind and strained nerves and you will always be ready to take on the difficulties of life, fully rejuvenated.

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Kohinoor Grandeur - The best choice for commercial investment!

Kohinoor Grandeur at Ravet by Kohinoor Group is a splendid commercial space that is under construction, spread across a vast land of 15000 sq. ft. area. It includes around 60 showrooms and shops, the sizes ranging from 975 sq. ft to1500 sq. ft. Recently, the demand of commercial shops has increased a lot in Ravet and by investing in one of these shops you can really run a successful business. This decision of investing in Kohinoor Grandeur Shops for sale in Ravet will no doubt prove to be one of the best decisions of your life; also you can say a good futuristic move. The rates are quite affordable and depend on the sizes of the shops you choose. 

Kohinoor Grandeur

This area is being developed, which will further boost the demand of the commercial properties in this area. These shops are ideal for opening medical shops, beauty parlors, small food courts, grocery outlets, spa/ unisex saloons etc. So, if you are looking for a completely furnished Office Space For Sale in Pune, then this is the perfect choice. It comes with all the plumbing and electrical services done, which means there is no need of spending money on these factors. There are several occupancy options, you can choose as per the business you want to setup. 
The best part of this commercial sector is that there are residential apartments at the backside, which means you can always expect to get a strong client base from the neighborhood. The showrooms are fully ready, and are equipped with basic utilities like water, electricity, telephone system, sewer etc. This commercial venture is really a great option for all businessmen who are planning to setup businesses in Pune and looking for spaces.

The location also plays an important role when it comes to the success of the businesses being established here. The important places are near at hand like the Kotwal Nagar: 7 mins - 0.6 km, Kiwale Phata: 4 mins - 0.3 km, Mukai Chowk: 2 mins - 0.1 km, Korul: 4 mins - 0.3 km, Adarsh Nagar: 3 mins - 0.2 km, Indraprabha Mamurdi: 19 mins - 1.6 km. Again, the Bhondve wasti BRT Bus Stop is just 11 mins from here, located at 0.9 km and the Shinde Petrol Pump which is13 mins  and 1.0 km from this complex.

So, start booking the Kohinoor Grandeur Shops for Sale in Ravet, Pune today before it gets too late!

Mantra Insignia by Mantra Properties Offers A High Class Living Experience at Very Affordable Prices

Nearly one third of the private capital is held in buying residential properties. A home is always a dream and buying dream is not easy. Mantra Insignia a residential venture at the most strategic location of Pune is a grand effort of the developer to build dream home. Mantra Insignia Keshav Nagar is another name of a dream that is available at an affordable cost. In a quest of building luxurious, connected and affordable residential properties for the residents of Pune the developer has taken all the possible efforts.

Mantra Insignia, Keshav Nagar
Pune the IT Hub of Maharashtra has experienced a rapid growth in both IT and Manufacturing Industry, the cultural capital of Maharashtra is also known as oxford of east, by housing multiple world class educational institutions. Mantra Insignia Keshav Nagar Pune is a residential venture that offers luxury housing options at very affordable rates. All developed and designed to address the residential requirement of the city with the rapid increase in the city population. When it comes to own a house Pune is the most preferred place. Being culturally rich, the city in houses many reputed educational institutions all ready to shape the future of the coming generation. And the high-tech growth of the city in terms of manufacturing and IT field is the basic reason, as it provides employment to array of people looking to survive in today’s modern world. At the same time the abrupt increase in appreciation value for residential properties in the city is attracting investors as well.  Mantra Insignia Pune, a perfect name to decorate your property portfolio. Affordable rate, strategic location and quality homes are the three words sufficient for anyone to finalize their home buying decision.

Well, that’s obvious! There is lot of scope and hope for investors in this area. The residential flats in Keshav Nagar are expected to be a huge benefit for both self-use as well as investment purposes. Residential Apartments in Pune are always on high demand, and in case of Mantra Insignia by Mantra Properties, location is an added advantage. 

As they say, “Begin at the Beginning”. A right decision taken at right time and choosing a right place is all that matters. Beginnings are always beautiful, they lead you towards success. Begin building your successful property portfolio, start at the most strategic location of the city, Visit Mantra Insignia. Start your future growth at right place. And believe me right time is today!

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Supreme Headquarters Baner – A Luxurious Working Space

We just do not want our home to be luxurious it is our work arena where we want to have an impression of the opulent and luxurious lifestyle. Yes, a comfortable work space that everyone desires. Whether you have a small setup or a large one, the space is a big consideration along with other amenities. If you are looking for such working space in Pune, then choose Supreme Headquarters Baner.

It is not just about the comfortable work space but a place where you can stay active all day long without facing any hassle. A place where there are no restraints or limits. Keeping all the needs of the buyers in mind Supreme Headquarters Baner Pune is one of the most focused work and office space that will provide every buyer with a holistic experience.
Spread across 1 acre of land, every apartment and office space area boasts over about 1040 Sq. ft. to 5635 Sq. ft. The strategic location of the project is one of the main consideration and attractive part of this project.  

Supreme Headquarters Pune launched by the prominent builder Supreme Universal has made sure that the buyers get head starts and a line of amenities. Some of the great amenities that they are providing to their buyers include –
  • Two-Level Car Parking
  • Conference or Meeting Rooms
  • Rent Rooms
  • Business Lounge
  • Cafeteria

It lies quite close to the IT park of Hinjewadi and has a number of educational institutes of repute in its neighborhood and lies near to the first-ever built Ring Road in Pune. The builder has put all their architectural experience to every work space turn into a comfort zone, in order to keep pace with the new kind of innovations.
Keeping the needs of IT industry Supreme Headquarters Pune has brought all kind of amenities under one umbrella.