Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Mantra Parkview Dhayari Pune offers Affordable Luxury Homes

Located in Dhayari, one of the upcoming suburbs of Pune, Mantra Parkview Dhayari Pune is a wonderful opportunity for the prospective buyers to look for thoughtfully designed luxurious apartments available in 1, 1.5 and 2 BHK apartments. These homes are created with utmost care ensuring that highest standards of urban living are met. Each and every apartment is complete with superfine accessories and fine finish which adds to both aesthetic value as well as utility to the apartments.

The entire project is developed on a vast stretch of land that expands over an area of 3 acres with generous addition of greenery. The open spaces have been covered with mind blowing landscaping with a variety of trees covering the entire expanse. This residential has full range of amenities developed to ensure that the dwellers find everything of use as well as of pleasure within its confines.
There are 300 units available that have been divided into two buildings each with 12 stories. One can avail flats ranging in the area of 635 square feet to 1222 square feet which are designed both for individuals as well as nuclear families. These apartments have been priced quite reasonably and complete transparency is being maintained so that customers get what they are promised.
The locality of Mantra Parkview by Mantra Properties is quite conducive to living as it is pollution free and has pleasant surroundings. A few years back also Dhayari was just a small village but now it is fast developing into most favored destination for family living. This place is in close proximity to the national highway which makes it quite a desirable place to not only live but also develop a variety of businesses.

A lot of investment has been flowing in and one can now find shopping complexes, hospitals, schools and a variety of other social amenities coming up. One can easily live here and get connected to rest of the city as the place is well connected with roads and the availability of public transport is also quite good. So, you can easily reach the various important junctions of the city easily.

This residential is being designed by a group of well-known designers who have to their credit several architectural marvels that stand proudly in the city. Therefore, you can be sure that the entire residential is designed to please your eyes. Not only the apartments have been created to impress the tasteful population but care has been taken that every type of useful amenity is made available.
Each and every apartment is spacious and airy as the units have been carefully created to ensure that there is proper ventilation and every bit of space is utilized to provide convenience to the dwellers. One can find enough storage space as these have been designed to allow inhabitants accommodate their world conveniently. The layout of the apartments is such that one does not feel congested. The approach is to offer clutter free living which helps the inhabitants lead a stress free life.

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