Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Urban Nest by VTP Group - An Illustrious, Beautiful and Bustling Residence in Pune

VTP Urban Nest” Home in Undri, Pune!
…An invitation to modern urban living enclosed by nature! Live at this stylish development close to scenic hill and hillocks. Don’t just dream a home encapsulated in nature – buy one!

Welcome to this “Beautiful and Bustling” Residence - a stunning modern home at the strategic location of Undri, Pune! Crafted by experts this trendsetting city home style demonstrates the best of urban lifestyle and assimilates it elegantly into the natural surroundings.

The brand new Apartment in Urban Nest by VTP Group has three options of 1.5, 2 and 3 bedrooms. That offers uncluttered conceptual layout, rich 600 x 600 vitrified flooring throughout, and specifically designed with high-end finishes. The sleek entrance lobby with a small storage space is just the start of this modern home. The magnificent dining room attached to the living room and kitchen and this is something that covers the grand entrance area…and is ideal for small week end family get-togethers! The spacious layout, extensive design and best quality colour scheme set the mood for the space.

According to a survey more than half the society on Earth lives in metropolises. I am also one of them. And being an urban dweller you also know the odds of urban living. Now let us think of a lovely natural landscape, most likely you will imagine some isolated place away from city, your own living place. You are also one of those city dwellers who separate themselves from nature, but the fact is far away from your imagination. Though we have come a long way, but this is not far enough. Believe me rural landscapes camouflaged with the surrounding areas of environment rich city like Pune is the current real estate trend. And Urban Nest by VTP Group is a best demonstrative icon of the same. The best way to save our environment and regain the most needed peace of mind is by constructing wide, nature rich, beautiful communities that lead urban life and preserve the nature value through eco-friendly lifestyle. As one of my nature lover cousins always states, “We must create nature rich human habitats to save the rural, wildlife habitat”.

 Since ancient times, people are well-aware about curative and creative properties of nature. In older times, nature was the most important part of their cultural life. Nature rich living always gives physical and mental harmony. VTP Urban Nest in Undri, Pune is a best example of modern life developed amidst nature. The modern amenities around the residential complexes will surely enhance your living standard one step above and the smartly designed homes will give you a best living comfort. 

As the biologists believe, we all have a “nature loving mind”.  A sense of peacefulness, satisfaction and happiness is triggered when we look at wide greens and natural landscapes. Live in Urban Nest and gratify the nature lover inside you!

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